Become a Yoga Teacher with the Institute of Yoga Training and Teaching

Is becoming a yoga teacher part of your future plans or do you want to offer a new style of class to your students? Whether you are about to become a yoga teacher and want to take your practice to the next level or you are already a teacher, either way, the Institute of Training and Teaching of Yoga or IFEY, offers you the opportunity to train as a yoga teacher.

The teachers of THEYOGiINME has been training passionate students and qualified teachers in its studios every year since 2016. In 2022, the concept of l’Institute of Training and Teaching of Yoga by the founder of THEYOGiINME, Layla Bennis, and Marion Ournac, to offer a catalog of training courses and guarantee the development of the skills of yoga teachers.

IFEY’s training courses are based on a duration of 200 hours of teaching to build its program of transmission of the practice of Yoga. The goal is above all to train competent teachersThis is the only way to enter the job market with the knowledge to manage groups and individuals in a private or public setting. For this, no aspect of the practice is left aside: from postures to philosophy, it is a theoretical as well as practical learning that is proposed to you to allow you to teach thereafter with confidence.

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Each week spent in this training is intense because the teachers of the Institute, Layla and Marion, know that 200 hours to learn all the concepts and practices related to Yoga is a relatively short time. They have therefore observed that having gaps of a few weeks between the different modules favors the assimilation of the theory and allows practitioners to clarify their pedagogical posture.

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Training sessions

During the weeks of training you will be able to discover the fundamental principles of Yoga, physiology, philosophy, postural study, pedagogy, construction of sequences, situation setting etc.

For this, Layla and Marion understand that we do not all progress at the same pace and have therefore chosen to diversify their learning methods through :

  • workshops

  • exercises

  • exchanges

  • individual coaching

  • guided practices

Five days of experimentation, practice and theoretical learning await those registered in the IFEY training sessions to become a Yoga teacher.

Continuity of practice

For an optimal learning experience, you will have a complete follow-up before the beginning of the training and during and between the different sessions. For this, the two professors offer you:

  • Course materials for learning each session

  • Courses and/or workshops to prepare

  • Personal work deadlines for the writing of a thesis

A range of processes to enable everyone to prepare for and prepare for future sessions and go into them with confidence.

young woman in butterfly position lying down with yoga strap yogom and yoga mat cork yogom
devenir professeur de yoga avec la formation the yogi in me

The professional watch

The IFEY offers you access to an initial training and places the learning of yoga as a continuous training that designates all practitioners as students. Humility is intrinsic to the principles of yoga practice and teaching.

This is why we present you with new complementary training courses every year.

the modules during the training

Each module is composed of 50 hours of teaching, in which are counted the hours of personal work, distributed between September and April.

The sessions take place at the Yoga studio THEYOGiINM at 24 rue Emile Combes in Castelnau le lez (34170) with Marion Ournac, founder of Lively Up Your Mind a yoga association and manager of the THEYOGiINME studio in Castelnau, and Layla Bennis, founder of the THEYOGiINME studios in 2015 and of theIFEYBoth are experienced yoga teachers with a passion for teaching and transmission.


To begin, the first 50-hour session will be devoted to “Vinyasa in practice”.In this module will be proposed:

Guided practice

Anatomical and physiological principles

Detailed exploration of postures

The principles of course construction

Knowledge of self, body and mind

The theory and philosophy of yoga

Reflections on various themes

From September 26 to 30, 2022

young woman in snail pose with merino wool mat and yin yoga bolster
Become a Yoga Teacher with the Institute of Yoga Training and Teaching


Then 20 days later, the second session will be dedicated to the “other”. with the following learnings:

Daily personal practice

Guided practices

Sequencing and adjustments

Pedagogy and transmission techniques

The physical relationship with the other

First steps as a teacher

Reflections on various themes

From November 21 to 25, 2022


In the third session, registrants will focus on the Yoga Business with in-depth training on :

The possibilities and the steps

Complementary activities


The preparation of the end of training thesis

Student-guided practices

The deepening of the pedagogy

Practical and theoretical workshops

From January 30 to February 03, 2023

Become a Yoga Teacher with the Institute of Yoga Training and Teaching
Become a Yoga Teacher with the Institute of Yoga Training and Teaching


Finally, to conclude this training, the last session will deepen the subject of “The philosophy of Yoga and the adaptation to the modern world“with a focus on the following topics

The study of the founding texts

The pranayama and meditation teachings

Putting the daily principles into practice

Student-guided practices

What form does yoga take today? for what needs?

The daily application of the techniques and philosophy of Yoga

Session 4 “Finding your way”, of the training, always takes place in residential immersion for 5 days, whether in France or abroad. This year the chosen place is in Morocco in the High Atlas .

From April 24 to 28, 2023

Who are the teachers of the course?

Marion Ournac & Layla Bennis

Marion, co-founder of the Institute, is a young woman of 34 years old, athletic at heart, who experimented with several sports before discovering her passion for board sports!

It was only later that yoga came into her life, bringing her the reconnection to herself that she needed in addition to the physical activity that was so beneficial.

Today, Marion is a passionate and experienced yoga teacher, specializing in Vinyasa Yoga. What is Vinyasa Yoga? It is a dynamic style of yoga! The word “Vinyasa” comes from Sanskrit and means “in a certain way” (“Vi”) and “to put, to arrange” (“Nyasa”). In vinyasa the breath is set in each posture and the movement is constant, the practice littleThis may differ from one teacher to another. In all cases, the objective may be to improve performance in another sport or to reconnect with the body.

Marion is also the founder of Lively Up Your Mind a yoga association for which she created an online platform. On this platform, you will find yoga classes and video tutorials in the form of programs. These programs are built around themes and courses, guided meditations in audio, video tutorials and booklets in pdf format.

Layla Bennis, co-founder of the Institute, is a traveler with a passion for the body. She likes to go and discover new landscapes to keep learning.

Trained as a teacher of Viniyoga, Sophrology and Aerial Yoga, she also likes to teach her students a dynamic version of yoga: Vinyasa. She is known for teaching in a fun and generous way.

Layla is also the founder of the THEYOGiINME. She created the first studio in Montpellier, then in Castelnau and finally the last one in Marrakech. She founded the training in 2016 and proposed to Marion to join her in 2019 for her greatest joy!

Photo Tapis de yoga Performance Léopard Kaki Yogom _ posture de yoga 3 au bord de la mer avec Marion Orn

Opinion on the training

Become a Yoga Teacher with the Institute of Yoga Training and Teaching

To give you a more than objective opinion on the training, discover the feedbacks of those who have experienced it!

Eligibility requirements and cost of training

For the institute, the level of yoga is not a criterion of selection but the involvement in its practice is and theexperience in the practice of yoga is required.

Throughout the training, students are evaluated and their success is also based on the submission of a written dissertation (on a subject related to Yoga chosen by the student).

Of course between sessions the students are always always followed up and can discuss the progress of their thesis.

Concerning the fees, the costs are 2600€ with the possibility of paying in three installments.

If the fee is paid by organizations, the amount will be 3200€ including administrative costs.

Please note that travel, accommodation and meals are not included in the price not included in in the educational costs.

To register send an email to You will then have to go through a telephone interview or an in-person interview. For any further information you can contact the : 07 56 85 02 15.

Become a Yoga Teacher with the Institute of Yoga Training and Teaching

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