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Discover Jeanne Deumier, author of the book“Diagnosed Crohn’s” who talks about this inflammatory disease, her natural healing process thanks to a radical change of lifestyle and especially of diet. She also realized the importance of taking care of her body and creating harmony between her body and her mind, so it was only natural that she took up yoga. Why are you talking about Jeanne? I myself was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in June 2017, it’s still too new for me to feel free to tell you about it myself but it’s one of the reasons that pushes me onto the mat and I want through Yogom to pass on a medicinal yoga, a yoga that heals, that soothes all those who suffer. I am convinced of the magical impact of yoga on health!

Portrait of Jeanne Deumier

Author of the book “Diagnosed with Crohn’s, changing my diet saved my life”

I am Jeanne Deumier, I am 25 years old and I am the author of the book “Diagnosed Crohn’s, changing my diet saved my life” published by Flammarion in September 2017. I am currently developing cooking classes that are a little bit special, a healthy cuisine, with seasonal, raw, organic and vegetable products to propose a routine that is the least acidifying possible for the body, especially for people with Crohn’s disease, who suffer from an inflammation of the digestive tract. Crohn’s disease can spread over the entire digestive tract and is characterized by malabsorption of nutrients, often resulting in severe deficiencies. Very often, joint and skin problems are linked to this pathology, but patients struggle to make their ailments heard by conventional medicine, which prefers to treat organ by organ and has a hard time making the link between our diet and our health concerns.

I am also looking into creating a particular ebook that would allow people with crohn’s to completely overhaul their eating routine.

Her journey with the disease

Changing your diet and taking charge of your body through sport and yoga

I have a fairly classic history with the disease, joint pain started at the age of 18, pain accompanied by multiple skin concerns that I treated with cortisone creams. Then nausea and vomiting appeared in the following months. Each passage at the table became complicated, painful. My diet was quite disorganized, a lot of white flour (bread, pasta, pizzas), a lot of sodas and sweetened water, in general a lot of industrial products mixed with vegetables and fruits which were neither organic nor in season. I made no connection between the content of my plate and my health. No connection with the fact that I fell asleep after every lunch, that I was often in a kind of fog, a constant tiredness.

In general, I ate too much, I nibbled, I waited for the evening to make a king’s dinner, I took daily cheese and desserts … I bought my salads wrapped or in salad bars completely trash food. For me, a tomato was only eaten with mozza… in short, I was far from my life today. I had two years of treatments before deciding by instinct and through my readings and discoveries to radically change my lifestyle. At 20, I discovered fasting, green juices with an extractor, seasonal cooking, yoga and wellness. Between the ages of 20 and 24, I became passionate about it, and over the years I managed to heal myself through food. Stories like mine there are others but few people still communicate. In 2017, I was lucky enough to be heard by a publisher who trusted me and I published my first book.

I follow up the adventure by launching my blog, sharing tips and recipes on my social networks. I am currently working on my second book which I hope will be a real guide to eating well for all those who no longer feel in tune with their bodies.

Her discovery of yoga to treat Crohn’s disease

Yoga came into my life at the same time as this change in diet, a desire to move, to shake things up. I had given up dancing as a teenager to spend more time partying with my friends. I was a little or a lot disconnected from my body, from its sensations. I started classes where I mainly worked on posture and balance. Yoga is a difficult discipline, demanding, at least that’s what we think at first, we quickly feel discouraged. Once certain fears have been overcome, such as not being strong enough, the benefits are immediately felt: stability in the body as well as in the mind, confidence, joy of living. Yoga makes you happy and the happiness is to tell yourself that you are the one who is at the origin of these positive emotions. Everything is within you, yoga is the best tool, a treasure to discover and share.

A common vision with Yogom

Develop products that feel good!

I believe that my way is to write about these subjects, to write books, to write columns, to pass on the right messages, to propose, as you do, products that will do good to others. I am obviously thinking of starting my own juices, I consume them daily. They have been a great help in rebuilding my health.

His motto: we are our own medicine

and can act on our healing!

I’m never afraid to talk about healing with Crohn’s. Chronic diseases such as Crohn’s disease can also be managed through diet, yoga etc.. if the disease is still in its early stages, it is essential to question your lifestyle. My experience with patients shows me that many patients also suffer from hypersensitivity, intense stress that feeds the disease. Today, more and more of us are becoming actors of our health and are conveying the tools to do good via different media, which is an excellent thing!

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