Discover the Awake Space Yoga Teacher Training in Biarritz

If you love yoga and have always thought about going on a yoga teacher training adventure, if you love the sand, the sea, the sun and maybe even a little surfing, then 2023 is your chance to do it all. This will be the last year that Awake Space will offer the 200 hours in the beautiful location of southwest France Biarritz.

The general context of the training

The course will last more than three weeks and the weekends are free for you to enjoy the historic city of Biarritz and maybe even take surfing lessons on the Basque Coast. Biarritz is not far from the Spanish border. You can take a bus to visit San Sebastian and the Spanish coast. Also enjoy some tapas while you’re there.

Yoga training can be adapted to different budgets. You can choose your own accommodation or the school can help you find a studio in town near the beach and the city center.

Awake space has been offering yoga teacher training since 2015 and has over 300 graduates in France and throughout Europe and the world. You will be taught by Sunshine Ross, a senior instructor with 17 years of experience, she is the founder of Awake Space and the author of The New Yoga Sutra: Divine Grace

prof de yoga de la formation awaken space entrain de faire une posture au bord de l'eau
vue de biarritz depuis les rochers

The method of yoga training

Awake Space’s yoga teacher training uses the Ross Method, which treats yoga primarily as a spiritual practice and uses a combination of hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga and kundalini to train future yoga teachers. He also uses various relaxation techniques, mantra and meditation techniques as well as simply meditating with Presence. Respect and knowledge of ancient traditions combined with modern methods and knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics are very important to the school. Her goal in yoga teacher training is to train holistic and multidimensional teachers. To learn more about the Awake Space yoga teacher training click here .

It is important in this training to be able to separate the teaching of fitness from the teaching of yoga. A fitness class is not the same as a yoga class. They can be two very different things with very different objectives. The teaching of yoga always has another component beyond the physical. It’s true that you can’t get fit and healthy with the practice of yoga, but yoga can also help you relax, release pressure and other practices like meditation can help you move inward and discover your spiritual self.

The ROSS Method delivers the statement: yoga is not acrobatics. Yoga postures are used to move the body’s energy. It is about opening spaces in your body and allowing blocked energy in the form of emotions, thoughts and even illnesses to pass through.

Asana is mainly used to clear energy blockages and let energy flow through the nadis and chakras. A combination of hatha-vinyasa, kundalini and ashtanga yoga is used in the training as well as relaxation and meditation techniques, including simply meditation with presence.

Hatha-Vinyasa yoga uses a combination of long held static postures and dynamic postures in sequence, moving with the breath. Kundalini yoga uses movement with the fire breath to reach the chakras. This allows us to open and balance the chakras to facilitate the flow of kundalini energy. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a sequence developed by Patthabi Jois that is very physically demanding and requires concentration and focus.

Organization of the training

The training consists of three essential parts spread over three weeks of instruction.

  1. Cycle 1 : Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics
  2. Cycle 2 Teaching methodology and the creation of a professional practice
  3. Cycle 3: History and Philosophy of Yoga

The yoga teacher training also includes VortexHealing® sessions for your personal and spiritual development. VortexHealing® is designed to evolve your energy system and your consciousness. During the yoga retreat, you will receive healing, cleansing, strengthening and optimization of your physical body, emotional body, mental body, energy body, etheric body, karmic body, astral body and spiritual body, recreate your grounding cord and cleanse and harmonize the chakras. and nadi system, Clearing “karmic knots” and their problems from the karmic body; releasing the emotional and mental imprint from the emotional and mental bodies.

Femme médite au bord de la plage de Biarritz

Registration is open for 2023

  • January 9-29 (French)
  • February 13-March 5
  • March 20-April 9
  • April 24-May 14
  • May 29-June 18
  • September 4-24
  • October 9-29
  • November 13 – December 4 (French)

In 2024, the Awake Space school will take up residence at the Chateau de Montcuquet in Lautrec and the yoga teacher training program will also offer Art Therapy to its students for further personal and spiritual development. Lautrec and its surroundings were once the family home of the famous painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. His birthplace is not far from the village.

The Castle of Montcuquet is a fortified castle dating from the 1400s. It is located in the French region of Pays Cocagne which is a triangle between Carcassonne, Toulouse and Albi. This region is known for producing a beautiful blue dye that comes from the yellow leaves of the Isatis Tinctoria. The village itself has the designation “Most Beautiful Villages of France”.

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