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Find the best Yoga Mat

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Getting the best yoga mat can be harder than you think!

Are you looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat without PVC or latex first? Or is your priority to never slip with a non-slip Yoga Mat? Or the active woman in you needs a lightweight, foldable yoga mat above all else? Or are you knee-high and need thickness? Do you do yoga but also sports, fitness and pilates and are you looking for multipurpose products?

There are as many needs as there are yoga mats and as many prices and quality differences! In addition, criteria such as weight, dimensions according to the size and shape of your body,adherence, design and manufacturing materials will be important in selecting the ideal mat.

Yogom has for some years and thanks to the opinion of more than 10000 customers developed 6 ranges of yoga mats adapted to the majority of yoga practitioners according to the most important criteria for them and in eco friendly materials.


This recyclable eco-friendly yoga mat without latex or PVC is for you if you are a beginner and or looking for a mat that is both light, comfortable and non-slip for your yoga and pilates sessions. Reversible, odorless and non-toxic, this TPE mat revolutionizes PVC mats that are sticky, heavy and that you sink into. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is an ecological and very efficient synthetic material: dense and therefore comfortable, pleasant to the touch and non-slip whether you sweat or not, and ultra light to carry, especially with the cotton carrying strap offered with the mat. Its thickness of 6 mm will delight the fragile knees! Finally, the Yomad range of products is reversible and offers a body alignment system to better position yourself and progress smoothly and safely in your practice. Dimensions (183 x 61 cm wide). Weight : 1 kg. From 39 eur for the best offers. Learn more about the Yomad range

Find the best Yoga Mat


Find the best Yoga Mat

The PVC-free Performance Mat is designed for practitioners who tend to sweat and or practice intense yogas such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga or fitness. Composed of a biodegradable natural rubber base and a microfiber textile coating with a peach skin feel is made for those who are looking for a super comfortable coating. It is also very suitable for gentle practices such as Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Yoga and Restorative Yoga. It is foldable at the knees which will give you a nice thickness to cushion your knees (also ideal for pilates). These are the best mats in terms of ground stability and grip. They are absorbent and really help dynamic yogas practitioners because they allow fluidity of movement between postures and do not block body movement. A carrying strap is offered to you. Performance mats are the best for fitness because sneakers don’t damage their surface. Its large size brings you a great comfort during your sessions. Dimensions: 183 x 68 cm wide This model with a very pleasant material exists in many designs. Weight: 2.8 kg. From 49 eur. More information on the Performance Range .


The Star mat is the most non-slip mat available (according to Yogom customer reviews)! So if you’re looking to invest in a non-slip mat, with a good grip on the floor and ultra non-slip whether you sweat a lot or not, this is the mat for you! It has the same floor-stable rubber base as the Performance mat but with a rubber-like coating without PVC for an ultra-grippy grip. Each Star Mat comes with a cotton carrying strap. The Star mat is comfortable and ecological: ideal for yogis who do not want to compromise between quality, technical performance and comfort! Its thickness of 4 mm and the high density of the natural rubber will bring you the necessary comfort for the practice. Its large size (183 x 68 cm wide) offers you a large surface for body exploration! Weight: 2.8 kg. Avoid doing fitness on this mat because sneakers could damage the surface. Avoid this product if you are allergic to latex. A sleek bodyline design model available in 7 colors. Discover the complete guide of the Star Range.

Find the best Yoga Mat


Young woman wearing the folded Yogom travel yoga mat

The Travel Mat is the only model which can be washed in a washing machine, which can be very useful if you are used to practicing outside: in the grass, the earth, the sand. Between dust, dirt and perspiration, it is certain that the maintenance argument is not negligible for this sport product. The eco friendly travel mat is also light, very resistant and easy to carry because it is very thin and folds like a tote bag or a purse. Its thin 1.5 mm thickness makes it very flexible but it has a good grip on the ground thanks to its solid and resistant base. Its coating is made of a soft material like that of the Performance thanks to its fine microfiber layer (comparable to the material of a microfiber bath towel). It is also very resistant and stable on the ground thanks to its natural rubber base. As for the Performance you can practice fitness on the very resistant travel mat and even sports like paddle because the mat can go in the water. Lightweight: 1.4kg. From 39 eur for the special offer. Learn more about the Travel range .


The Yogom Natural Yoga Mat is made for the cozy and cocooning yogis as well as the yogis looking for a clean and eco friendly European production. Indeed it is made in Lithuania and is certified Oeko-tex . Composed of a rubber base, it offers a unique merino wool cover: a paradise for your body: a practice on a bed of natural softness. It is the largest mat that exists with its 200 cm size and it is also particularly wide with its 75 cm width: a real comfort of practice for the big bodies! The icing on the cake is the sheep’s wool mat accompanied by 4 other accessories: a Yin Yoga bolster bolster, a meditation cushion a meditation cushion, a relaxation blanket and a mini meditation mat . High-quality, eco-friendly yoga products and equipment. From 40 eur. Read more about it .

Find the best Yoga Mat

The most ecological yoga mat sold in France today: made in Portugal, certified Vegan, with a natural cork cover and made of recycled rubber. It is a light, dense, non-slip, pleasant to the touch, odorless, easy to maintain yoga mat. The natural cork yoga mat is ecological, efficient, practical, comfortable and elegant. Its 4 mm thickness makes it just as comfortable as the other Yogom mats. No need to compromise between your values, your needs and the right price! From 119 eur.

Find the best Yoga Mat


Your practice will be more comfortable with yoga and meditation accessories. The essentials when you want to practice are: the yoga brick, the stretching strap the transport bag the suit meditation cushion, bolster, yoga books, and yoga books the set of yoga cards of yoga. From 8 eur.


Now enrich your knowledge of yoga philosophy with our selection of yoga books to learn more about thehistory of yoga, theanatomy of yoga postures, the secrets of yoga. And have fun learning or revising your knowledge with the Yogi card game on the philosophy of Yoga from Yogom: the ideal way to progress in a fun way! So no need to go to the supermarket to buy a quality product: go to the carpet expert Yogom!

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