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French brand of ecological yoga

Performance, elegance and awareness

More than a brand A universe for all yogis

French brand of ecological yoga

Yogom is a French brand of ecological yoga and meditation accessories combining comfort, spirituality and ethics. I want to do a responsible business.

Each product is thought out and designed with a maximum of sense. The yoga mats are environmentally friendly and recyclable or made of natural materials ( read more ).

The recycled yoga mat and the yoga bricks are made of cork in Portugal, the yoga water to clean the mats are 100% natural and made in France. We have also succeeded in developing a whole range of range of wool products made in Lithuania and certified Oekotex.

The products are not only reserved for yogis but more for souls sensitive to a certain spirituality of life and in search of meaning in their daily life and their consumption.

YOGOM is the fusion of the word YOGA and the Hindu mantra OM.

But GOM also means “meditate” in Tibetan…

Here we won’t force you to sing OM although it would relax you deeply. Here we will just talk about well-being, kindness, gentleness, personal enrichment. Here we will just encourage you to improve the relationship between your body and your mind (and that’s not bad…).

Our vision of yoga is not restrictive, it is more an art of living, a way to bring zen in your daily life.

We hope you will appreciate the benevolence of the YOGOM initiative: simple, quality products for more well-being, products at the right price and above all yoga without fuss!

It was during a trip to Costa Rica that I discovered (completely by chance) yoga and that my affection for its universe developed. A certain spirituality had brought me to the little corner of paradise of Santa Teresa in the middle of the jungle when, at almost 30 years old, I was looking for my way or rather I decided to change my way. It is in the small village of Playa Hermosa that I came to recharge my batteries and that I started practicing yoga on a daily basis: Vinyasa yoga, Slow flow yoga, Shakti yoga and my favorite, Yin yoga.

A few months punctuated by numerous yoga sessions in the middle of the jungle, long meditative walks to savor the crackling of the waves that break on miles of deserted beach, hours contemplating the sunsets on the Pacific… A universe of spirituality, beauty and indescribable flavor.

This is how YOGOM was born: a yoga brand not only for yogis but for all souls who have a little bit of yogic soul :). Yogom’s mission is to sell useful, comfortable, original and consciously designed products. Indeed, each product is either made with non-toxic materials when it is not possible to produce in France, or made in France when it is possible or in Europe and as soon as it is possible with natural materials and products.

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Once upon a time... on the other side of the world...

French brand of ecological yoga

The founder Mathilde Corbin

French brand of ecological yoga

Yogom was created by Mathilde Corbin:

“Digital entrepreneur, artist and yogi at the same time, I’m passionate! When my desire to undertake meets my need to create, I don’t stop anymore… After 10 years in the event industry, marketing, communication and training, I decided to create Yogom. I also train young people in event management in a hotel school, I love painting and I practice yoga since 2015. I trained in Yin Yoga in 2018.”

Retrospective of the Yogom adventure (short and concise article)

Presentation of the history of the brand

Interview with Mathilde Corbin

In Hinduism and Buddhism, a mantra is a sacred syllable or phrase with spiritual power. The mantra OM is the primordial mantra that means “Life Vibration”, this is the meaning that inspired us to create the YOGOM concept.

One of the mantras we are particularly fond of is the following and it sums up Yogom’s values quite well:

“Become loyal to your innermost truth
Follow the way when all others abandon it
Walk the path of your own heart”.

“Become faithful to your deepest truth,
Follow the path when others give up,
Walk on the path of your own heart”.

Namaste – Mathilde Corbin

Yogom's values Become loyal to your innermost truth...

French brand of ecological yoga