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Our ecological commitments

A brand that is on the move!

At YOGOM, we like to be transparent and put meaning into what we do. That is why noe would like to share with you our eco-responsible commitments and tell you everything about our production process, including the choice of materials, manufacturing, packaging, transport and pricing policy, as well as the ethical questions we ask ourselves every day!


“I founded Yogom out of a passion for yoga and in an introspective phase of my life. My encounter with the Yogom community shaped the brand’s business plan. I always need to put meaning into what I do and I attach great importance to transparency. The Yogom community shares these values and even challenges Yogom in its eco-responsible approach and commitments. This is how the Green Project was born: to tell you everything and explain it all to you!”

Mathilde Corbin, Founder of Yogom

The materials

The choice of materials for yoga mats

Yomad range

Made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a recyclable, non-toxic, odorless, hypo-allergenic, soft, light, non-slip, dense and comfortable synthetic material. TPE revolutionizes PVC which is not recyclable, sticky, slippery, smells like plastic and lacks density.

Learn more about the Yomad range

Learn more about the TPE

-> Development axis: find revalorization centers in France able to process yoga mats in TPE

Yoga mat Yomad Samadhi Sage Bodyline Yogom carried strap.focus

Performance range, Travel

Made of natural rubber with a synthetic microfiber textile coating printed with water-based inks. The natural rubber brings stability to the floor and is a biodegradable material very resistant in time. Microfiber is a soft, absorbent coating with a natural feel.

Learn more about the Performance Range

Learn more about the Voyage range

-> Development axis: find a factory in Europe

Our ecological commitments

Star range

Made of natural rubber with a synthetic polyurethane coating. The natural rubber brings stability to the floor and is a biodegradable material very resistant over time. Polyurethane is a synthetic rubber-like coating that is extremely non-slip and highly absorbent.

Learn more about the Star range

-> Development axis: find factories in Europe and study the possibility of a 100% rubber mat as anti-slip as polyurethane

Our ecological commitments

Softness range

Made of natural rubber with a 100% natural and biodegradable merino wool cover. Natural rubber provides stability to the floor and is a biodegradable material that is very resistant over time. Merino wool has many properties: it is hydrophobic, which is ideal for the practice of yoga

Learn more about the Gentle Range

-> Development axis: develop more products!

Our ecological commitments

Cork range

Made of recycled natural rubber and cork in Portugal. Natural rubber provides stability to the floor and is a durable material over time. Cork has many properties: it is rot-proof, anti-bacterial, anti-slip, which is very hygienic for the practice of yoga.

Learn more about cork carpet

-> Development axis: develop more products!

Our ecological commitments

In terms of ecology, natural and synthetic materials can be worthwhile according to our values and ethics. However, in terms of performance, PVC is the worst. In fact, PVC carpets are tending to give way to products made of more environmentally friendly materials that correspond to the growing ecological aspirations and environmental objectives set by international bodies: natural rubber and thermoplastic elastomers called TPE.

Please find below the advantages and disadvantages of these 3 so-called ecological materials on the yoga mat market.

Why don’t we want to use PVC to make our carpets?

PVC is one of the most polluting and toxic synthetic materials according to the GreenPeace report and today you can see that all gym mats, fitness mats and many yoga mats are made of PVC, certainly non-toxic but it does not change much in the end it remains PVC. PVC is the cheapest material to produce but in addition to being toxic, polluting and non-recyclable, it is a material with very poor technical performance: it is sticky, soft, slippery and smells strong! This means that it is a dangerous material on which one can easily slip, it is a material that does not cushion the hands and knees at all and it is also quite heavy to carry.


  • Stretch strap : cotton
  • Brick: cork (rot-proof) or EVA (recyclable and recycled very light synthetic material)
  • Carrying bag: cotton
  • Cleansing yoga water: demineralized water and extract of perfume of Grasse without alcohol
  • Meditation cushion: cotton cover, buckwheat filling
  • Boslter, zafu, blanket, mini carpet : merino wool, buckwheat filling
  • Tote Bag : cotton
  • Palo Santo : dead tree bark from South America
  • Tongue scraper : stainless steel
  • Filter beads: ceramic

Areas of development :

We obviously continue our daily search for the cleanest solutions for each product in order to respect our eco-responsible commitments while having for principle to succeed in offering you a collection at an affordable price (affordable being defined today by the psychological price estimated as reasonable by the consumer). There is a lot of work to be done on educating the consumer about the composition of a price. We are also drastically reducing our margins on all products manufactured in France. On some products the margin was reduced to zero to allow us to test the market.

Most of the accessories are made in France or in Europe. Some of the accessories are made in China in the same factory as the rugs. We choose to continue to manufacture these accessories in China even if they could be manufactured in Europe or France for economic reasons. Our clientele (and our positioning) does not have the purchasing power to buy 100% cork bricks from Portugal and bags and straps made in France would have a price that psychologically is not yet acceptable.


Yoga mats

The Yomad, Performance, Voyage and Star ranges are made in China and are SGS certified.

The Douceur range is made in Lithuania (European Union) and is Oeko-Tex certified.

The cork mat is made in Portugal with recycled rubber and cork and certified Vegan.

-> Development focus:

It is currently impossible to find a yoga mat manufacturer in France except for PVC in Germany (which we have banned for ecological reasons), 100% cork in Portugal or merino wool(see our new Softness range).

Why do we have TPE and natural rubber mats made in China instead of PVC mats made in Germany?

Our eco-responsible commitments require us to prefer to manufacture ecological mats (Yomad recyclable range / Performance range / Pro / Travel in natural rubber and non-toxic) in China rather than PVC mats in Europe because PVC in addition to not being technically efficient for the practice of yoga is not clean in its design and even if the PVC mat can be manufactured in Germany, the raw material is not and must still be shipped from Asia so the problem of carbon footprint remains the same. Indeed, PVC is not pleasant to the touch (sticky), does not cushion your joints well (you sink into it because of its low density), is heavy, very slippery and smells strongly of plastic.

We work with a single factory with whom we have established a relationship of trust, which is audited regularly and which certifies each year the non-toxic quality of the composition of its carpets.



  • Cork bricks and cork mats: made in Portugal
  • Softness range (bolster, zafu, blanket, mini carpet): made in Lithuania (European Union) and Oeko-Tex certified
  • Bolster cover and XXL stretching straps: made in India
  • EVA bricks, stretching straps, carrying bags, cotton zafus: made in China and SGS certified.
  • Yoga water, eye cushions: made in France
  • Ceramic beads : Japan
  • Tote Bag: France


Yogom ecological yoga mats are certified by international organizations: Yogom has ensured that its mats, their materials and their method of manufacture are certified by independent organizations whose standards are internationally recognized.

Yomad, Performance, Star and Voyage yoga mats are certified by: Hermes Hansecontrol Group, HAP Testing Services Co. Ltd, Attestation of Global Compliance Co. Ltd and finally SGS.

The Natural yoga mats and all the products of the Gentle Range are Oeko-Tex certified.

The cork yoga mats are certified Vegan.

Here is the list of the main international organizations that certify the respect of the standards and the quality of production of the yoga mats:

  • Oeko-Tex® standard 100 International organization auditing the presence of azo dyes, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, nickel.
  • SGS French organization, world leader in inspection, control, analysis and certification auditing the presence of latex and toxic substances (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
  • Hermes Hansecontrol Group German organization auditing the presence of Formamide (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • HAP Testing Services Co. Ltd Chinese organization auditing the presence of chemical substances in accordance with European standards (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.)
  • AGC Attestation of Global Compliance Co. Ltd Chinese agency auditing the presence of Phthalates

Are Yogom’s competitors cleaner?

If you are interested in the subject we have also conducted a comparative study on the yoga mats sold in France to play the transparency and of course we are interested in our competitors to know if there was a method of manufacture cleaner than ours. The observation is the same for everyone: 99% of carpets are made in China or in Germany for PVC carpets.


We avoid over-packaging by eliminating superfluous layers and reduce packaging to a strict minimum. All products are sent in recyclable cardboard boxes.

The products of the Gentle Range (yoga mat, zafu, bolster, knee pad), the cork carpet, cork bricks, bolster covers, stretch straps, carry bags, tote bags, yoga waters, eye pillows have no plastic packaging and we let’s use kraft paper.

More and more products that need to be protected are packed in cotton bags.

The blanket, the tongue scraper, the filtering pearls, the palo santo, the white sage are packed in reusable cotton bags that will not end up in the trash! These pouches protect your accessories during transport and storage and you can use them to store anything else. They are packaged by the ESAT Sainte-Marie located in Aveyron (establishment and service of help by work).

The Performance, Voyage, Star and Yomad yoga mats are wrapped in a plastic film to protect them. We have recently replaced the A3 paper instructions with A4 kraft paper instructions. Kraft paper is a 100% biodegradable natural material that decomposes naturally after a few weeks, without causing pollution. However, favour the recycling cycle: kraft can be recycled several times.

The cork yoga mat has no plastic packaging, only a kraft A3.

-> Development areas:

We are trying to find an alternative to plastic that would limit our impact while protecting the mats during transport, shelving, storage and delivery and be more aligned with our eco-friendly commitments.


All our products are received and stored at our French logistician Burlat, located in Aveyron. Burlat is a French family business specialized in logistics which is in charge of receiving, storing, packing and shipping all our products.

Shipping costs are not systematically offered, as well as return shipping costs. Indeed, we have developed a purchase accompaniment that allows us to accompany almost all of our customers to the yoga equipment that suits them and avoid returns (which have a significant carbon impact).

We have even created a Satisfaction Guarantee that includes free return shipping if Yogom has given the customer bad advice and replaces the product with a more suitable one even if it is more expensive at no extra cost. The objective is to raise awareness of the need and optimize the purchase.

Responsible consumption involves several levels: the manufacture and composition of products, but also transport and pricing policy.

All products manufactured in France or in Europe are transported by road, which is the least polluting solution.

To limit our carbon footprint, products coming from China are shipped by boat and the filling of containers is optimized (grouping with other companies if the container is not full). The sea route is longer than the air route but less polluting. When we need a quicker delivery we sometimes choose to transport by rail.


Our ecological commitments

The Right Price

Our ecological commitments

A fair price all year round!

When you are a retailer, the question of sales arises: are you going to ride the wave of summer sales, winter sales, black friday? It’s hard to do without customers with the smallest wallets or the “good deal finder” profile. So how can you make low prices and responsible consumption converge?

Yogom has created

The Bargain Corner

All year round, discounted products are available until stocks run out. This means that the smallest budgets can equip themselves all year long, and it is no longer necessary to wait in doubt for promotions! Of course, products arrive in this bargain corner as regularly as irregularly for the good reason that it is not done randomly. The bargain products are mainly destocking products not renewed or remaining in small quantities.

Do you want to know why? At Yogom there are many different designs and colors of rugs because I can’t help but try new things! It allows me to satisfy the tastes of the greatest number, to see what pleases the most to refine the range, and to please the small budgets which benefit from my overflow of creativity and the end of stocks.

Yoga Packs

We offer a 10% discount for the purchase of a mat and two accessories (bricks and straps or bag) because we have identified that the majority of our customers are equipped with one or more of these “basic” materials.

Yogom systematically takes care of a part of the shipping costs because sending a yoga mat is more expensive than the amount of shipping costs psychologically acceptable for our customers. Encouraging our customers to buy a mat and two accessories is not, in our opinion, pushing them to consume because we have already analyzed that they were buying these products. On the contrary, it is a way to save the customer a part of the shipping costs and to make him benefit from a discount that is absorbed by the savings in shipping costs that we pay.

Our ecological commitments




In order to offer you a solution in case you want to change your yoga mat, we have worked on designing a #untapispforlife upgrade program. The Americans, more advanced than us on the subject, are a great source of inspiration since they develop initiatives of revalorization of the yoga mats in SPA (to make more comfortable the bottom of the cages of the animals) or in shelters for homeless (to insulate the ground).

Get 10% off the purchase of a Yogom mat with a discount code you’ll receive by sending us proof (photo or other via email or tagging @yogomyoga on Instagram) of your yoga mat reuse. No restrictions, you can give it a second life as you wish, be imaginative!

Ethical issues

Any questions?

An idea, a suggestion, a track of improvement?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas, we are looking forward to your suggestions to constantly improve ourselves!