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The Free Yoga App

Ideal to practice at home!

Why practice with the Yogom mobile application?

Either you are a beginner, you want to start doing yoga at home, quietly, out of sight, before walking in the door of a yoga class.

Either you already go to classes but you also want to practice at home, or both: you like to combine yoga classes and individual practice.

No matter what your situation is, practicing at home is a good idea because you are not dependent on public transportation or a schedule, nor do you need to find the motivation.

With an application you can afford to do the opposite: you practice when you want, if you want, where you want and how you want ! and especially as long as you feel like it: it can be an hour, it can be five minutes, it depends on the day too!

Yogom has designed a mobile application, available for free download on Android and iOS: you will have access to programs of different levels and the must of this application is the music which is top! Want to know more?

A deeply relaxing mobile yoga application!

■ 130 minutes of yoga (Flexibility and relaxation exercises)
■ 2 programs (beginner and pro)
■ 77 postures illustrated with photos of the postures
■ More than 2 hours of music from the famous Manu Om
■ Stopwatch function
■ Detailed descriptions of postures

Adjust your smartphone settings

To optimize the operation of the Yogom mobile application

■ Battery charged: make sure your phone’s battery is sufficiently charged.
■ Vibrator off: turn off the vibrator (otherwise you won’t hear the music)
■ Wifi connected: connect to Wifi
Auto lock disabled: so that the application remains open.

Launch the mobile application

Opening the application: open the application
■ Choice of beginner or pro program: start a program by pressing Start
■ Music setting: if you don’t have wifi better practice without music unless you have an unlimited 3G connection
Auto-Play: do you want all the positions to link up? Check the Auto-Play button at the top left of the screen. Read the description of each position carefully before performing it.
Stopwatch: are you ready? well installed? Press the stopwatch to start practicing. The time advised by the stopwatch is given as an indication. Feel free to pause if you want to stay longer on a position, go back or forward if a position seems too difficult for you for example.
■ Illustrated sequence of positions with directions for completion: you have the photo to help you and the text that tells you exactly how to position yourself. Hold the positions as long as you feel comfortable, if it pulls too much on certain muscles stop. It is better to stay in one position longer without forcing than the other way around. This is the very principle of yoga: gentle but profound. At the end of the session, feel free to stay in any position you wish to continue the relaxation and/or meditate for as long as you wish.
■ Muscles used: we indicate by red dots on the silhouette the muscles used for each position.

The Free Yoga App

Tips for use

■ Start with level 1 and then when you feel comfortable move to level 2 and then alternate.
■ These programs will improve your flexibility, flexibility, muscularity and balance.
■ They will bring you relaxation and deep relaxation, perhaps allowing you at the end of the sessions to access a moment of meditation allowing you to be well with yourself, in tune and feeling stronger.

Description of the yoga programs

■ We offer 2 programs adapted to your level.
■ Caution: Do not do yoga if you are pregnant, injured or have contraindications such as cardiovascular risks.
■ Please consult your general practitioner or a specialist.
■ Or talk to a yoga teacher.