Using yoga to discover your life mission

In this article Lucie Diez talks about yoga but not like usual and Yogom loves it! How Lucie makes yoga part of her routine inmorewaysthan just asana, how she uses
to help her clients refine their life plan, etc. Discover how to use yoga to discover your life mission!

How yoga inspired my work

Hi Yogis, today I want to tell you about my history with yoga, and how it inspired the structure of a training I lead.

Actually, at first, I was not a big fan of yoga. I am more of a witch with a tendency to frog. But when we hang out in the personal development circles, whether we like it or not, yoga eventually touches us.

But what is yoga really?

In fact I had no idea. It’s the thing everyone talks about, but no one defines. For me it was a gym for lazy gym-goers like me, who want to do something that has a little more meaning than the gym or the dance gala. Yes, it’s nice that we end the sessions with a meditation, but I didn’t really understand the link.

I did practice yoga in a few gyms, at university in England with a tattooed teacher with blue hair. I have practiced with stay-at-home moms who needed some quiet time. I practiced a small 10-minute routine at home every day for 3 months. I even tested the
Bikram Yoga

But I needed to understand. That’s why I signed up this year for a 12-month training to become a
Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga : the spiritual yoga

There I discovered another world. A much more spiritual world than any yoga I had tried before. Here meditation takes much more space than the asanas. And we are also taught the Yoga of Life. During the training we have real teaching of personal and spiritual development. We talk about the ego, the little monkey, our pineal gland and making space within ourselves. Now I see the depth of the teaching and the richness of the morning routine. It’s quite a discipline and a sacred one that I am delighted to discover.

A few weeks ago, while talking with Mathilde, I realized that without knowing it, yoga has always been part of my life. I have always been aware of the role of the chakras, through my parental education. I had already set up a lifestyle in the direction of yogi (with less meat, less industrial beauty products, more meditation …)

And I’m now discovering that the training program I created a few months ago is actually based on the principles of yoga. I have created an online training to help my clients who are discovering their vocation as therapists to set up their business. I accompany them in the formulation of their life mission. At the end of the program they have all the tools to find their first clients. So ready to use yoga to discover your life mission?

Want to know more about the philosophy of yoga?

7 chakras for 7 steps

The program is divided into 7 steps, it uses the 10 types of intelligence and allows us to connect the right and left brain to create a balanced professional activity.

Each of these steps involves a chakra. We start with the crown and work our way down to the roots. It is also the path that a project must take to go from idea to reality. And at each stage, we work on a different aspect of the project, to make sure we don’t forget anything.

At the beginning of each module, I made a short meditation video to help my clients ground themselves and call upon the skills required in the module. And again, in one of these videos, I talk about the warrior’s stance. Not bad, right?

This is how I came to understand in hindsight that my 7-step program to become a therapist is deeply inspired by yoga. It’s not going to stop there, now that I’m learning every day in this discipline, I will be able to enrich the program with new videos.

What about you? What does yoga inspire you in your professional life?

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