Which yoga mat for men to choose?

Is there a difference between a yoga mat for men and for women? Although today it is mostly practiced by women (as can be seen in group yoga classes where the proportion of men is estimated at one in 10 people), yoga has benefits that are not unisex ! This practice is therefore also very beneficial for men ! Nevertheless, due to the differences in body shape between the genders, the female material is not not always suitable for a male practice. It is important to keep this in mind when looking for a yoga mat.

The purpose of this article is to guide you in your search for a yoga mat for men, whether you are a man or a woman wishing to offer one!


  1. Criteria to take into account when choosing a yoga mat for men
  2. An ideal yoga mat for those who sweat, the Performance Yoga Mat
  3. A yoga mat for men adapted to those who do not sweat: the Star mat
  4. A good compromise: the cork yoga mat
  5. A yoga mat for men beginners: the Yomad mat
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Criteria to take into account when choosing a yoga mat for men

Did you know that the average height of a man in France is 1.77m, for 1.64m for a woman? In these conditions, and considering that yoga is a discipline mostly practiced by women, it is logical that many yoga mats have been designed with dimensions too small for medium or large men .

So consider the dimensions of the yoga mat in your search.

The average weight is also higher in men than in women. Depending on the size of the mat, consider getting a thicker or thinner yoga mat, and more or less resistant. When practicing on a hard floor, a thin yoga mat could cause pain for a middle or heavy man. So consider the thickness and strength of the yoga mat.

Also keep in mind that you probably sweat more than a woman for the same effort! In fact, scientists have shown that sweating depends on a person’s body size.

In essence, the average man sweats more than the average woman.

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Sweating can be a disabling phenomenon in yoga practice, so choose a non-slip yoga mat if you are used to sweating a lot. This is to avoid slipping, and therefore limit the risk of injury. For the same reasons, get a yoga mat with more or less absorbency depending on your sweating habits. Be careful though, some yoga mats do not seem to be non-slip at first but become so once they are moistened

In the same vein, one of the most popular yoga styles for men is Bikram Yoga which has the particularity of being practiced in high heat, around 40 degrees! If you are interested in this practice and do not want to buy several yoga mats, take a yoga mat with maximum absorbency and the most non-slip coating possible.

This is true regardless of your size: even a man of small build will sweat a lot during the practice of Bikram yoga. Again with the goal of preventing injuries, be sure to select a yoga mat that has good stability on the floor and is comfortable.

Also ask yourself what you want to do with this yoga mat. If you also want to use it for other activities than yoga, like fitness or pilates for example, you will need a versatile yoga mat.

Now that you understand the characteristics required of a yoga mat for men, we will make a list of YOGOM yoga mats that meet these criteria!

The ideal yoga mat if you sweat: the performance yoga mat

One of the most versatile yoga mats from YOGOM, the performance yoga mat is both efficient, ecological and durable! It is usable on all types of ground and that it is with or without basket. Made of natural rubber and ecological textile microfiber, it has excellent stability on the ground. Whatever your level, this quality yoga mat will meet your expectations. It is very resistant and suitable for daily use.

Its extra large size (183×68cm) is ideal for any type of sport, whether it is for your yoga postures or for fitness or pilates. It is not cumbersome, rollable or foldable and easily transportable thanks to the carrying strap provided free of charge.

However, it is important to know that this yoga mat is not suitable for people who do not sweat. Indeed, it is in contact with sweat that it becomes anti-slip. The hands and feet are then slowed down while keeping a fluidity of movement.

For people who don’t sweat much but want to benefit from its peach skin touch, it is possible to moisten it before practicing, making it as anti-slip as if it had been in contact with sweat.

A yoga mat for men adapted to those who do not sweat: the star mat

With the same extra-large dimensions as the performance yoga mat (183×68), the star yoga mat has the advantage of being perfect for men who don’t sweat thanks to a non-slip and absorbent ecological natural rubber base.

Also suitable for those who sweat, this yoga mat for men also has an excellent grip.

Its thickness of 4 or 5mm (as desired) coupled with its very dense base makes it usable regardless of the weight of its user. It is also suitable for daily practice, regardless of the level of the person using it.

You can also use this quality yoga mat to perform your fitness or pilates sessions.

Unlike the performance yoga mat, this yoga mat for men is not foldable and does not allow a practice with shoes on the feet. However, it is easily rolled up and transported thanks to the carrying strap provided free of charge upon delivery.

A good compromise: the cork yoga mat

Not very suitable for non-sweating men, this quality yoga mat is perfect for those who sweat.

It is indeed very non-slip (more than the performance yoga mat but less than the star yoga mat) but not very absorbent.

This yoga mat also has an extra-large size (186x66cm) and is half as heavy as the other two yoga mats mentioned above.

Easily rolled up and transportable with the cork lace provided free with delivery, the cork yoga mat is also very environmentally friendly, with its eco-friendly cork cover and recycled rubber base.

Yoga mat whose stability on the ground is the strong point (comparable with the mat star), the cork yoga mat is also one of the few yoga mats produced in Europe, more precisely in Portugal.

A mat for beginners : the Yomad mat

Yoga mat designed exclusively for those whose practice is recent, the yoga mat Yomad is suitable for people sweating but also for those who sweat little.

Although it presents an extra-large size (183x61cm) and a thickness of 6mm ideal to absorb the movements whatever the nature of the ground, this yoga mat weighs only 1kgwhich makes it easily transportable (potentially insertable in a bag), coupled with the straps provided free of charge upon delivery.

Its foam covering and natural ecological recyclable base are of high quality and respectful of the environment. In fact, its coating is made of ecological TPE, which is a material that, in addition to having impressive technical characteristics, is an ecological alternative to PVC, consisting of no chemical components.

It is also an anti-slip yoga mat, in fact we could compare it to the cork yoga mat from YOGOM, known to be one of the most anti-slip yoga mats on the market. The YOMAD yoga mat is even more non-slip than the performance yoga mat!

Nevertheless, this yoga mat is only suitable for occasional practice, it is not suitable for veterans wishing to practice daily. It is not very resistant, suitable only for people under 70kg.

Do not choose this yoga mat if you also want to do fitness or pilates on the side. In this case, we advise you to turn to the products presented above.

To summarize:

So you get it, choosing the right quality yoga mat for your practice requires understanding your needs and knowing how to identify your profile. Depending on whether you sweat or not, how often you want to do yoga, your level, your body type and whether you want to use it for other purposes (for fitness or pilates for example), choose the yoga mat that suits you best. through the YOGOM catalog.

The mats presented, whether it is the Performance, Star, Cork or Yomad yoga mat, all have advantages, such as being more or less non-slip or having a greater or lesser thickness, which will benefit certain profiles of men. Each one of them is ecological, and contains strap or cork laces provided at the delivery for free, in order to facilitate their transport. So avoid buying a poor quality, non-ecological mat on Amazon! Prefer natural rubber or non-toxic eco friendly tpe on our online store at the best value for your exercise. Opt for a cotton bag if you need to carry it on a trip or to your gym class, gymnastics, meditation or any type of training. Yogom is comfortable and durable materials!

If you still don’t know which yoga mat to choose, check out our comparative buying guide here :