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Anti-slip Yoga mat : Star range

The Star Buying Guide

The best non-slip Yoga mat on the market!

It is suitable for all yogis, whether you sweat or not you will never slip again in postures such as downward dog!

The Star Non-Slip Yoga Mat is suitable for all yoga practices (gentle, dynamic, intense, static) and all yoga profiles (sweaty or not and dry or clammy hands) . Comfortable and offering a excellent stability on the groundIt is anti-slip! It is clearly the best non-slip and eco-friendly yoga mat of the market for an intense yogic sport without accidents! Who said that yoga was an old lady’s gym? This can be much more intense than gym or fitness!

The Star non-slip yoga mat is ideal for beginners and experienced yogis who slip: discover 8 models in stock online (from 95 eur to 118 eur). Take advantage of the fast delivery and a cotton carrying strap offered with each Star yoga mat to equip yourself with this floor mat and quality material!



  • This non-slip yoga mat is especially recommended for all practices where you slip, sweat and need stability!
  • A ultra non-slip polyurethane coating the must in terms of grip! Whether you sweat or not, you won’t slip in the head-down dog position anymore!
  • Natural rubber base (latex) not foldable, very dense and resistant: excellent stability in the postures of balance, and perfect adherence to the ground, the yoga mat will not stretch and will not move
  • Ideal dimensions for easy practice: size 183 cm x 68 cm
  • Sufficient thickness for a comfortable and painless practice in outdoor and indoor environments (4 mm thickness for the bodylines and 5 mm for the 2 models with illustration: Oasis and Amazonia)
  • Star’s eco-friendly products are recommended for yoga but not for fitness or pilates. In this case, choose a gym or sports mat with a greater thickness for even more comfort.


Photo Yoga mat Star Om blue gold Yogom _ yoga posture 3 at the castle with Natha Yogi

Discover the opinions of Yogom customers and order your ecological yoga and meditation equipment and accessories at the right price, of high quality and with fast delivery (return within 30 days). Find your eco friendly mat at the right price among a selection of yoga and meditation products: 50 models of anti-slip ecological yoga mats to delight you! The kit to get well equipped? The yoga mat + 2 yoga bricks + 1 stretching strap.

The Star non-slip yoga mat from Yogom is a good value for money. It is a premium product compared to the price of other yoga mats which are all of equally good quality but on the Star yoga mat the difference is in the technical performance of the manufacturing material. Indeed the polyurethane is really the material today which is gets the most adherence (grip) for the practice of the yoga and what we sweat or not! The Star Yoga Mat is like a good pair of skis: you don’t buy a better quality product but a better technical one! You will be able to make an opinion by reading the opinions of our customers on this product all are unanimous it is really the mat of yoga anti slip not toxic par excellence sold in France! If you plan to practice yoga every day or several times a week, don’t wait until Christmas to give yourself this great gift!