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Ecological yoga mats : Performance range

The Performance Buyer's Guide

An ecological yoga mat made of natural rubber and with an ultra soft coating

The eco-friendly Performance Yoga Mat made of natural rubber is ideal for those who are tired of sticky plastic mats!

The eco-friendly Performance Yoga Mat is the ideal mat for dynamic or gentle yoga practices. Indeed, under the action of perspiration, the hands are slowed down, which makes it possible to keep a fluidity of movement between the postures, contrary to a natural rubber coating which blocks the movement.

The Performance Yoga Mats are suitable for yoga practitioners who tend to sweat but also for fitness and meditation as well as for globe trotters who often go on trips because it folds.

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  • The ecological yoga mat made of natural rubber Performance is suitable for a regular/daily regular/daily practice, gentle or dynamic requiring to keep a fluidity of movement (Yoga, Pilates, Fitness with sneakers) and meditation or sport type muscle strengthening.
  • Microfiber coating very pleasant to the touch (soft textile material with a natural feel)
  • Not very anti-slip (1/3): the adherence of hands and feet on the carpet is activated by abundant perspiration: under the action of perspiration, the hands are slowed down but not blocked as with a sticky rubber coating which blocks the movement. This allows Vinyasa practitioners to keep the necessary fluidity of movement. If you practice gentle yoga you don’t need a non-slip mat and will appreciate the cocooning softness of the Performance mat. But if you sweat you will find this product sufficiently non-slip.
  • Excellent grip on the ground (the mat does not stretch or move) thanks to its quality rubber
  • Ideal size for easy practice size 183 cm x 68 cm. Usually the rugs are 61 cm wide. Performance mats have a larger size for your practice comfort!
  • Weight: 2.8kg, which allows a great grip and stability on the ground
  • Ideal thickness for a comfortable practice and painless in exterior and interior (4 mm thick). 4 m thickness in rubber is equivalent to 6 mm thickness in foam material for example.
  • The ecological yoga mat made of natural rubber Performance is foldable in three as a towel (perfect to go on a trip).


  • If you don’t sweat at all or only slightly and are looking for an ultra non-slip mat, choose a mat from the Star range (3/3 anti-slip, against 1/3 for the Performance and 2/3 for the Yomad and the cork mat).
  • If you are allergic to latex, do not choose the Performance range, nor the Star range but prefer the Yomad yoga mat in tpe (light and durable material which revolutionizes PVC) which does not contain latex or the Performance Comfort range which has the same base as the Yomad mat with the Performance mat cover. It is also lighter and thicker.


Photo Tapis de yoga Performance Toucan Dark Yogom _ posture de yoga 4 au château avec Natha Yogi

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