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Yoga mat made of TPE : thermoplastic elastomer


The choice of the composition of the Yogom ecological yoga mats

When developing the Yomad ecological yoga mats, YOGOM has tried to find a high performance material for the practice of yoga but also and especially in accordance with its values of responsible business. We had to find a material that was resistant, non-slip, shock-absorbing but not too heavy, with bright colors and that was also ecological and recyclable.

Our teams spent several months testing yoga mats (rubber, PVC, elastomer, etc.). We asked many questions and interviewed many beginner yogis and experienced certified teachers to find out what they need from different yoga practices. This research and investigation helped us understand the arcane language of yoga mat material science, but more importantly, what we were looking for in Yomad mats: a light yoga mat to be able to use it transport easily, a very resistant, anti-slip and shock-absorbing mat for support a dynamic yoga practice and soften your support, a soft touch yoga mat, and finally a mat environmentally friendly.

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Yogom manufactures its ecological yoga mats Yomad in TPE

Rubber, although natural, is a very heavy material with a rough and non-absorbent feel. PVC is a very sticky material because it is full of toxins and is not a recyclable material. Moreover, it gets damaged very quickly and has a very short lifespan.

We have made our choice on TPE because it is a very light, resistant, anti-slip, shock-absorbing material, very soft to the touch and above all very ecological because it is 100% recyclable, toxin-free and odorless. Nevertheless, we have looked for serious manufacturers who carry out annual quality controls by by French, European and international organizations . These same organizations certify the ecological quality of TPE carpets according to very strict standards.

What is thermoplastic elastomer?

TPE is the generic name for thermoplastic elastomer also called thermoplastic rubber. TPE is a rubbery material that can be transformed by thermoplastic technologies, by molding for our mats. However, it does not contain latex.

Versatile and capable of satisfying all the specific requirements of industries, TPEs are used in a wide range of applications and in very diverse sectors.

  • They are used in the automotive industry, for example, to manufacture all the control elements inside the vehicle, the outer seals of the windows and the seals used “under the hood”.
  • TPEs are also used as tool handles or cable sheathing in some industrial products.
  • MSEs are also found in consumer goods, for example, in toys, sports equipment, packaging and hygiene products such as toothbrushes and razors.
  • Compounds that meet particularly stringent requirements have even been developed for medical applications.
  • Medical products made of TPE are mainly stoppers, drip chambers, seals and medical tubing.

Finally, TPE has become a highly qualified material for the manufacture of yoga mats for its technical performance attributes while being very light and recyclable.

The advantages of TPE

Not being completely bilingual in organic chemistry, our teams focused on the advantages of using TPEs for yoga practice:

A high performance material for yoga practice: lightweight, durable, cushioning, excellent grip with its two textured sides, non-slip, soft to the touch.
A n environmentally friendly material: 100% recyclable, toxin-free, latex-free, odorless and hypoallergenic
■ A material with multiple coloring options: including color effects for a more accomplished design(see the different models of the Yomad yoga mat range)
■ A n easy to manufacture material: easy thermoplastic processing,short cycle times,low energy consumption,thermalsstability,multi-material processing
Excellent value material: low manufacturing costs (the best yoga mat material while being the best value material)

How is thermoplastic elastomer environmentally friendly?

■ Thermoplastic elastomeric foam is an environmentally friendly synthetic material

■ 100% recyclable unlike PVC

■ Toxin free

■ Latex free

■ Without pvc

■ Phthalate-free

■ Odorless

■ Hypoallergenic

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