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Yoga mat with alignment

Bodyline System

Yoga mats with Bodyline alignment in a sleek design with

Benchmarks for better body alignment!

Thanks to the different markers on the Yogom alignment yoga mat, you can position your body precisely and rigorously on the surface of the mat and stay focused on your breathing while enjoying the benefits of the postures.

The Bodyline system can help all sports enthusiasts, whether you are a beginner or not, in yoga, fitness, gym or pilates. This product is not a gadget: it helps you progress faster while avoiding injuries.

How to use the markers?

Yoga mat with alignment


  • Easier physical practice: the Bodyline design on the top surface of the mat gives you guidance on how to position your feet and hands, making it easier to perform the postures
  • Performing yoga positions with precision (avoid injury): many yoga positions are not difficult to perform but require precise body placement on the mat surface
  • Focusing your attention on your breathing and not on your feet: it is not always easy to position yourself accurately in the exercises and often your attention will be focused on your position on the ground instead of your breathing
  • Optimization of the benefits of the postures: your good physical position allows you to take full advantage of the physiological benefits of the asanas
  • Inner alignment: your optimized physical alignment will improve your inner alignment

Is the Yoga Mat WITH ALIGNMENT for you?

  • A universal system suitable for everyone: beginners and experienced alike!
  • Designed for all heights and builds with double line hand and foot markers
  • If you are a beginner, the Bodyline option will help you a lot, save you time and you will be able to quickly focus on your breathing and reach a more important inner calm.
  • If you have a seasoned practice the Bodyline option can help you keep your rigorous alignments
  • In any case the bodyline design offers a very appreciable comfort of practice


The Bodyline Option is available in all lines!

The main criteria that differentiate these mats are the composition (natural rubber, PVC, latex, tpe, cork, wool), the adherence, the stability on the floor, the anti-slip coating or not, the composition more or less natural or ecological, the thickness, the type of sport you will practice with it (yoga, fitness, pilates, meditation), your potential allergies to materials such as latex or pvc material for example, the type of floor you will practice on, and the price (price from 34 eur to 125 eur depending on the product).

Yomad range (anti-slip 2/3, in recyclable and non-toxic ecological tpe, thickness 6 mm, dimensions 183×61 cm, weight 1kg),

Performance Range (anti-slip 1/3, made of durable natural rubber, thickness 4 mm, dimensions 183×68 cm, weight 2,8kg),

Star range(anti-slip 3/3, natural rubber and polyurethane, thickness 4 mm and 5 mm, dimensions 183×68 cm, weight 2,8kg) and

Travel range (anti-slip 1/3, also in natural rubber and suede, thickness 1,5 mm, dimensions 183 x 68 cm, weight 1,4kg).

Even the new recycled cork yoga mat and made in Portugal offers a bodyline design (non-slip 2/3, made of recycled rubber and cork, thickness 4 mm, dimensions 183 x 66 cm, weight 1,4kg)!

You can choose the design, the color and the number of markers (some designs have all markers, others have a less marked center line or with/without slanted markers).

Enjoy Fast Delivery on all mat models and yoga and meditation accessories! A quality cotton carrying strap is included with all models.

Once you’ve chosen your bodyline yoga mat, select eco-friendly accessories to go with it: a durable and sturdy cotton carry bag for transporting your mat, items such as a yoga brick, stretching strap or meditation cushion. Discover also a selection of books on yoga and philosophy to deepen your knowledge.